finding our intuition is akin to finding freedom. at beintuit we will guide you towards living at your optimal level driven by your own navigation
— @beintuit.

a movement into being

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beintuit is a non dogmatic conscious hub. a studio space where you can join like minded people inspired by our classes of intuitive yoga, stimulating talks, mindfulness, and workshops.

lets expand on that… we wanted to build a contemporary space for all, where we could bring curiously conscious people together through daily yoga classes, talks and workshops. find a sense of purpose, explore your beliefs and start to live intuitively…

at beintuit we believe that finding your purpose and living intuitively is your birthright and always has been. but instinctive behaviour has been superseded by the increasing demands and distractions of the last decade. your brilliant body and mind knows exactly what it needs to live optimally, and we help you tap into that and start the conversation.

through this intuitive learning you will unleash your full potential understanding that we can’t be our best artifically.

beintuit is a non dogmatic non religious learning curve that combines intuitive movement, yoga, mindfulness and talks about the science behind it. exploring outside the box - quite literally, how to better your health, your mind and therefore your life.

balance: fun : community: trust : inspire : believe : just be : intuitive : YOU

here’s what we do

intuitive yoga classes

we have various classes ranging from slow flow, energise, vinyasa and restorative. our movement bases its concepts on Strala yoga, aimed at slowing down, softening and relearning. when we feel right we find ease.

Strala pioneers in the fundamentals of being, moving and healing and is what Deepak Chopra defines as ‘leading from a place of grace, ease and effectiveness’. and from founder Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor ‘Strala is the antithesis of modern yoga and modern society’

we believe moving intuitively is the first step to discovering your intuition and although classes are guided we understand all bodies are unique and that one size doesn’t fit all. so whether you’re taking a slow flow, a restorative or a speedy vinyasa, we focus on listening and feeling our way with less rigidity and more ease. this isn’t to say you won’t be challenged but the classes are tailored to varying levels which is why anyone and everyone can safely practice this way. we learn what feels good and how we got there and gain the confidence and trust to move intuitively.

the mind body connection is the most important link for our overall health and longevity, particularly when we tap into ‘feeling good’ instead of just ‘thinking good’. when we learn to move efficiently, we learn how to trust whats right for our own unique body and mind on a personal level and we may be surprised at how much more we can accomplish when we learn to move this way.

intuitive talks

we hold workshops and talks on mindfulness, finding a sense of purpose, empathy, belief systems and the importance of community for our health and longevity.

mindfulness has been a hot topic for many years and research has shown its undeniably beneficial for wellbeing, focus, performance, and overall health. But can everyone access it? our answer is ‘yes of course’. We guide you towards finding your own ease in meditation sessions that blow away the myths surrounding the practice and provide ideas and tools that you can use to access your own style easily in a non dogmatic, non religious way.

Lets Talk about why empathy along with gratitude is causing massive ripples and how that not only affects you, but the wider community. When we know ourselves we can understand others. “Don’t look at the . differences straight away. Talk first then you’ll find where you meet rather than where you divide” Dame Judi Dench.

we will look into belief systems and what might be holding you back from tapping into whats intuitively yours and what happens on a cellular level when we are happy or sad.

we will talk about stress. what it means to our bodies and minds and how to work with it rather than against it.

intuitive fuel

what we put in our mouths has the biggest impact on our mind body connection. each day starts with the most important meal of the day. discover how to eliminate brain fog, feel lighter and more excited about your wellbeing from the inside.

you’ll discover that 90% of seratonin is produced in the gut and how the highway between the gut and the brain - the vagus nerve plays a huge role in our mind and body connection. our ‘gut instinct’ plays a big role and when we listen to it we determine what we need to eat in a conscious way rather than allowing knee jerk or guilt reactions towards food.

moreover, food is to be enjoyed - and preferably with friends. a shared experience over great food is a big step towards overall happiness. community is becoming even more valuable in this digital age. face to face allows us to empathise and share, and there is no better place than around the table.


free your spirit

where would your body take you if you discovered it had an intelligence all of its own?